Management of Insurance Programs

Check out the support, assistance and proactivity that only a truly tailor-made service can offer.

Promoting all negotiations with insurers and the reinsurers that will support the policies.

Preparing reinsurance slips and insurance requests for issuing policies and, after their issuance, checking them accordingly.

Coordinating inspection in insured sites, focusing on loss prevention and control, with an emphasis on identifying the risks to which they are exposed, in addition to presenting solutions to eliminate or mitigate their consequences.

Managing the risks covered by the policy and preparing the respective report with the appropriate recommendations.

Suggesting more suitable coverages based on the previous experience of the policy and on the news that emerged on the market.

Keeping our clients informed about changes in the insurance and reinsurance market that may affect the insurance they have taken out.

Preparing periodic policy monitoring reports.

Preparing a careful assessment of the coverage and insured limits of the policies, as well as an analysis of the history of claims, in order to adequately guide risk mitigation initiatives.