Advantages in managing Your Company’s Benefit Programs with the Interbrok Group

Health  Ι  Dental  Ι  Life

Benefit program duly updated, to match market and legislation developments.

Possibility of designing new plans and/or plans that complement the current ones in order to better serve the company and its employees.

Monitoring the evolution of claims, keeping your company well informed, with preventive actions aimed at attaining the right balance of the contract.

Fair and proactive negotiation of financial or technical adjustments established by the operators.

Training of your HR members with definition of operating routines.

Operating Routines

Processing the operating billing routine: inclusions, exclusions, transfer of plans, delivery of employees’ and their dependents’ ID cards, among others.

Monitoring and controlling co-participation discounts when this is provided for in the contract.

Assisting users to find the best providers at each level of the accredited network.

Carrying out campaigns to change plan modules (upgrade), if any when renewing health contracts .

Monitoring the processes of authorization to perform surgeries and other medical procedures.

Entering and monitoring the reimbursement processes, intervening in those that have problems during the expected normal process.

Monitoring and checking monthly invoices.

Assisting in the process of authorizing appointments and procedures in hospitals and laboratories.

Entering and monitoring the processes of dismissed and retired employees, in contracts that require it.