Health Management

Risk Management

Monitoring negotiations with providers during major health events, so as to control expenses and their impact on claim rates, always respecting the quality of the service extended to the users.

Monitoring policyholders’ usage by our medical team to identify possible deviations and to present suggestions for improvement, aiming to make the appropriate adjustments through Health Committees.

Monthly production of Risk Management reports.

Possibility of creation and implementation of campaigns with users aimed at raising awareness and a more appropriate use of the resources made available by health insurances.

Chronic Cases

The Interbrok Group enters into negotiations with operators to implement effective management of chronic cases. It enables better control of the disease and improvement in the patient’s quality of life, with a significant reduction in the impact of these cases on the claim rate of the insurance plan.

Together with the company’s Occupational Medicine area routines and controls are designed and implemented to decrease the number of employees who leave work, as well as assist in their recovery process and enable them to return to their activities.

Health Core

The Health Core of the Interbrok Group is a major innovation in the market of corporate benefits. A multidisciplinary team, with a broad and integrated view and formed by doctors, nurses and social workers, acts with total focus on supporting Human Resources departments, to allow beneficiaries to have a truly humanized treatment in their journey of use of their health insurance.

This innovative approach that the Interbrok Group brings to the market has become an important strategic feature for several companies, enabling positive exchange for the interest of all parties and, above all, resulting in healthier and more productive people with better quality of life.