Features of the Interbrok Group Work Model

Focus on quality, dedication and individualized treatment is what guides the group’s work. Increasing the number of clients is not the main objective of its management, which concentrates on enhancing the quality of its relationships.

Clients are in harmony with the structure of the Interbrok Group, where executives with extensive experience and recognition in the insurance market manage a select range of accounts to provide clients with all the details of the insurance program and assist them in their processes.

Come join the select group of clients of the Interbrok Group and discover the real benefits and advantages of having a dedicated, proactive, specialized and truly distinctive service.
A history of growth and tireless work to do our job better and more efficiently.

Foundation of
Wood MacRae.


Adams & Porter begins to have their own infrastructure in Brazil.


Foundation of Interbrok.


Interbrok becomes the main shareholder of Wood MacRae.


Beginning of operations in Rio de Janeiro.


Foundation of WIM Central de Seguros.


Interbrok becomes the main shareholder of Adams & Porter.


Creation of Universal Re.


1st win in the CFI.co Awards.
International recognition.


2nd win in the CFI.co Awards.
We exceeded the goal of half a billion in written insurance premiums (BRL 538 million).


Gallagher and Interbrok join in partnership.

Informação ao Mercado

On December 16, 2022, the Grupo Interbrok de Seguros joined Gallagher, one of the global leaders in the insurance market.

This strategic initiative was planned and carried out with the aim of generating even more value for its customers.

Gallagher is a subsidiary of Arthur J. Gallagher, the fourth largest insurance broker in the world and operates in 4 countries in Latin America with an expanding presence in Brazil since 2021. The company is headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, has operations in 49 countries and serves clients in more than 130 countries around the world through a network of correspondent brokers and consultants. In 2021 it accounted for around USD 6.9 billion in total adjusted revenues in brokerage and risk management. Learn more about Gallagher’s arrival in Brazil by clicking here. You can also get more information on the company’s Linkedin page.

Grupo Interbrok is proud of the long reputation of professionalism, expertise, experience and dedication to customer service that it has built over its more than 100 years of history. And now it hopes to further expand these qualities alongside Gallagher. Both Gallagher and Grupo Interbrok are known for having a strong ethical reputation and a high level of professionalism with a focus on the needs of our customers and communities.

Gallagher’s continued investments in data and technology, combined with the experience and access to the insurance and reinsurance market that only a strong global broker can provide, will benefit Grupo Interbrok clients in ways that have never been seen before.

This merger will give Grupo Interbrok greater capacity to meet the needs of its customers, which are in constant evolution, with tailor-made solutions for risk management at a global level and an exquisite management of Benefits. Through this partnership, the group hopes to create additional value for its customers without losing the quality of service that has always guided its relationship with its customers.

The merger complied with all regulatory requirements and will not affect any existing agreements with its customers. The Group will continue to trade as Grupo Interbrok de Seguros part of Gallagher.

Executive Profile

Interbrok Group executives have diversified educational backgrounds and extensive experience in the domestic and international insurance markets. This vast knowledge, combined with highly qualified technicians and professionals, is an indispensable and unique enabler of a deep understanding of the activities of the clients, whether they are in manufacture, commerce or service provision.

Anselmo do Ó de Almeida

Angeles de Magalhães

José Roberto Borelli

Luis Arthur A. David

Antenor Ambrosio

Anthony Wyles

Edson Hirazaki

Cristina Grecco