A story of success built SINCE 1917

The Interbrok Insurance Group, with its centennial experience, its volume of paid premiums, its customer base and its highly qualified staff, is the largest independent insurance broker firm operating in Brazil, and is equipped to service any company regardless of its size and activity.

In addition to consistently expanding year after year, the Interbrok Group is avid for opportunities in mergers and acquisitions to consolidate a high-profile position in the international and national insurance markets.

Aware of the variety of responsibilities involved in the provision of services to large industrial groups, Interbrok Group has an E&O insurance policy that is an additional protection for the company clients.

The Group is structured as follows:
For corporate insurance the following brokerages are licensed to operate:
Interbrok; Adams & Porter; Wood.

For mass marketing insurance or personal lines insurance: WIM Central de Seguros
For reinsurance: Universal RE

  • 1917

    The company Wood MacRae is founded

  • 1947

    Adams & Porter starts up an operation in Brazil

  • 1976

    The company Interbrok is founded

  • 1997

    Interbrok acquires Wood MacRae Company

  • 2002

    Opening of Rio de Janeiro branch office

  • 2003

    The company WIM Central de Seguros is founded

  • 2005

    Interbrok acquires control of Adams & Porter

  • 2008

    Criation of Universal Re